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Academic Doctor Services

We Have a Program to Meet Your Needs!

If anyone knows how hard you work to provide children with the education they deserve, it’s us. As a leading educational partner, we spend a lot of time in local schools, private schools, charter schools and homeschool settings providing targeted support to students. For us, there is no superior goal than to see students achieve success in and out of school. We welcome the opportunity to design a prescriptive plan to meet your students’ needs. Let’s explore how we can partner up!

Academic Assessments

From kindergarten through high school, we offer an academic assessment to meet the needs and budgets of your family, school or organization.

College and Career Readiness

Our College and Career Readiness curriculum focuses on the higher order thinking skills that students need to excel in the 21st century. We train students on how to prepare and practice for academic success throughout their entire college career.

Test Prep Sessions

The Academic Doctor can deliver these fun and innovative test prep programs to your students on the days and times that are convenient for your school, using your computer lab or library. Small classes ensure personal attention for each student, however we are able to manage groups up to 50 students with a high level of efficacy. Also, we can conduct weekend and evening training sessions to meet the needs of your student(s)…
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Test prep that moves with you

Access your prep materials online from any of your mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Take quizzes, watch video lessons, take full-length practice tests, and review Smart Reports. It’s now easier than ever to get a great score.

Special Need Services

Parents and Administrators want the best for their students and they’re instinctive advocates. When your child is a student in special education, however, that advocacy can be quite challenging. We have years of experience working with students with IEP’s.

The Academic Doctor will assist you with being an effective advocate for students with learning differences. We will provide you with all the information you need, including:

  • What the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (or IDEA) guarantees for your child’s educational needs
  • Details about the individualized education program (or IEP) process established by the IDEA
  • Understanding eligibility rules and role of evaluation in determining whether your child qualifies for special education
  • How to gather the information and develop the materials you need to determine your student’s specific goals and educational needs
  • How to develop a blueprint for your student’s education that included the placement, services and teach strategies your student need
  • How to deal with disagreements that arise between you and your school district in developing and implementing your child’s IEP