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How Much Does College Really Cost?

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Zack Richardson

The Academic Doctor

When most people think about the price of a college education, they think of one thing and one thing alone: tuition. It’s time to get the notion out of your head. While tuition is a significant portion of the cost of a college education, you need to think of all the other things that factor into the final price tag.

Lets Break it Down


Tuition and fees


Room and board


Books and supplies


Personal expenses


Travel expenses


Collectively, these things contribute to your total Cost of Attendance (COA) for one year at a college or university. Understanding the distinction between tuition and COA is crucial because it will help you understand this simple equation:

Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution = Need

When you begin the financial aid process, you will see this equation again and again.  We’ve already talked about the COA, so let’s talk about the Estimated Family Contribution, or EFC. The EFC simply means, “How much you and your family can afford to pay for college.” Sounds obvious right?


Here’s the catch: What you think you can afford to pay for college, what the government thinks you can afford to pay for college, and what a college or university think you can afford to pay for college are, unfortunately, three different things. Keep that in mind…

The final term in the equation is self-explanatory. Anything that’s left after what you and your family have contributed still needs to be covered. That’s where the Academic Doctor comes in. If you’re reading this post, you can win and earn scholarships. Yes, you! Don’t worry if you are not a straight A student or are not a star athlete.  We will help you to earn scholarship through the raising of your ACT and SAT scores…next comes the money!

It is a vision I want to hold out to you as not just possible but well within your reach.  We are also offering a map to discovering hidden treasure-free money for college.  Think of the scholarship process like a game. One offering huge prizes to the winners-literally,  hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  We will explain the secrets and strategies that turn ordinary students like you into scholarship winners.  

I am devoted to every one of you who needs help finding money for college and who is dedicated to transforming your future. Maybe you feel ordinary or cannot see past the circumstances you are in now, but you have extraordinary potential.  Together, we can create a strategy that will help you stand out to scholarship committees in the best way possible and achieve the success you deserve!

I’m with you in this!

The Academic Doctor,
Zack Richardson