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The Academic Doctor strongly believes in “Learning by Practice!” We practice and teach foundational learning points until students can accomplish the task on hand without assistance. The Academic Doctor was created to help families achieve their academic dreams and to help more students to become self-sufficient. We have cured the school blues for many of our patients and many of them are no longer sick of school.

The Academic Doctor’s assessment and tutoring clinics provide communities across the globe with incomparable tutoring services. We work with all levels of students and we encourage students to challenge themselves by working and staying ahead. We have the core knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to help them succeed. Our clinic hires compassionate, level II FBI background screened trained professionals who truly care about your son or daughter’s pedagogic future. In a world where students’ days are filled with an abundance of new information and distractions, an academic specialist is exactly what they need to help with the transition of these prodigious learning experiences. Call the Academic Doctor today; we are prepared to assist your student. We look forward to providing your student with quality academic care. A prescriptive learning plan is the way to go nowadays.

Our mission is to give every student who enters our state of the art clinic the best education possible. We are able to accomplish such a task because we truly care and we treat our students with love, respect, and dignity. If you desire results that you can see and feel, we are the clinic for you and your student. Our specialist will assist with enhancing your student’s learning potential and truly help them succeed in the very near future. Please allow our academic clinic to show you and your student(s) the dedication to detail that you all deserves.

With our Innovative Assessment Tool, we will discover:


Your child’s exact academic needs — from weaknesses and strengths to gaps in what they don’t know but should know.


How your child’s academics, behavior and character in and out of school may be affecting their overall success.


Your child’s best learning style. What kind of student is your child? All students have unique learning styles. Students gain strong benefits when their teachers and learning coaches recognize their strengths and weaknesses as learners.


The best areas to target after the assessment, from precise skills to core knowledge — so that together we can begin to set your student up for success.

Our academic assessments take forty-five minutes to an hour to complete, and in most cases you will receive the results the same day. The Academic Doctor will administer the assessment orally, and we only ask that a guardian be present during this process. It is an efficacious experience that many parents enjoys and wishes that they had participated in much sooner in their student’s academic learning experience.

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